Monday, 16 July 2018

Premiere: Runway Lights - Crash

Runway Lights - Crash - Single Premiere

Info: REMY is delighted to premiere the debut single 'Crash' from Dublin alt-rock quintet Runway Lights.

The band's sound has been described as a delicate balance of lulling sweetness and dark nastiness with influences ranging from meticulously constructed alternative pop to the dynamic soundscapes of post-rock.

In their short time together they have already graced the stages of a number of prestigious Dublin venues including Sin é, The Workman's Club and East Side Tavern, earning a reputation for their ferocious live sound. With fresh material currently being recorded, they will release their follow-up single in September, followed closely by their debut EP.

"They create music that on one hand holds a loving lullaby at its heart but works in just the right amount of darker undertones. Meticulously arranged with a unique and almost haunting vocal providing a face to the music" - Hot Press Magazine.

With a thudding cyclical drum opening, Runway Lights immediately show their contrasting colours of sharp snappy sounds, underpinned by a flighty guitar sequences and balmy vocals. Intrigued, you wonder where it's going to take you, then the flood of melodies and whispering glitter of sound washes in. 'Crash' is delightfully turned on its head then at the 2:30 mark, and enters a defiant lo-fi grunge space before taking us right back to the beginning with a melancholic outro. Lovely stuff.

Runway Lights play Whelan's Summer Watch Festival this weekend, which is a FREE event.

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