Thursday, 9 August 2018

Single: ilu - Graffiti Hen Ewrop

ilu - Graffiti Hen Ewrop

ilu - Graffiti Hen Ewrop

Info: Hymns of heartbreak and poetic reflections on grief and loss all dressed in music, steeped in the infectious energy and experimentation of 70's West Germany (Neu! Can, Faust). 

ilu also possesses a modernist European perspective that at first seemed at odds with their organic song-craft, yet it all coalesces into one coherent moving sound. Krautrock, motor grooves propel their songs, songs that are also informed by a love for spiky post-punk and its melancholic longing, evident in ilu's rain soaked chords that sit comfortably on these city rhythms. Splitting their time recording between Tallinn, Estonia and rural Wales, ilu will be releasing their debut single 'Graffiti Hen Ewrop' on Aug 3rd. This singular reclusive band are well worth the wait.

One thing Welsh bands don't shy away from is experimenting with sounds, often I think such an indifference comes across in the music that they don't even realise they're doing it, second nature. An example that ticks all of the boxes is the new single 'Graffiti Hen Ewrop' from ilu (which I think may roughly translate to 'old European graffiti'). A forceful bass intro is greeted by screaming demons of the damned, the track then builds on a mechanical rhythm and ponderously morose vocals. The big gift here for the listener is the cobweb of sounds, it's a cosmic and enchanting array of bursts each reaching further out than the last before they all return to their origins. It really is a grand piece of shangri-la music in terms of ambition, scale and imagination.

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