Saturday, 3 November 2018

Irish Playlist #041: Sleep Thieves, All Tvvins, The Mannerly Hoods, Deep Sky Objects, Awkward Z. & more

Sleep Thieves - Photo: Laura Aurora Photo / Video

Info: REMY's latest Irish independent playlist is here featuring some of the best tracks to be released over the last few weeks, and there have been many, all wonderful. Some are hot off the press just out in the last 24 hours including Sleep Thieves, Deep Sky Objects, All Tvvins and Orla Gartland. 

1) Sleep Thieves - 'Sea of Shadows'

Sleep Thieves' new single 'Sea of Shadows' can be briefly summed up as an injection of synth heroin. It's not just the sound, it's the rush of multiple senses being taken over at once and bound into submission. Could the vocals be echoing any more from a parallel universe? A distant incantation of cosmic proportions and a big rival to 'Is This Ready?' for my No.1 single of theirs. Magical.

2) All Tvvins - 'Infinite Swim'

The first thing to love on All Tvinns' new single 'Infinite Swim' is that phat heavy drump pad, the second is the bass-heavy synth progression, the third is the chocolate-filled groove, the fourth is that dirty riff at 2:54. It's especially clear that the band's heart if fully open to the science of funk and groove, if I was to compare I would say Talking Heads meets James Vincent McMorrow meets MGMT. All Tvvins also slather the entire track with the most gloriously colourful pop flavour, their best yet?

3) The Mannerly Hoods - 'I'll Eat My Soul'

Belfast duo The Mannerly Hoods released their wonderfully titled EP Ear Gear in August. Track 'I'll Eat My Soul' has Ulster DNA written all over it, harking back to the era of The Undertones, but not sounding like them. Residing in a half-way house between The Clash and The Proclaimers, there is a strong pop-punk characteristic to their sound and the feel-good factor is coming from a genuine place. Do yourself a favour and give Ear Gear a spin today.

The Mannerly Hoods - I'll Eat My Soul - Ear Gear
The Mannerly Hoods

4) Awkward Z. - 'Diamonds'

Quickly becoming one of the hottest tickets in down, RnB and hip-hop act Awkward Z. shares single 'Diamonds' from his debut EP which is due out early 2019. 'Diamonds' appeals massively to my inner soul-pop / hip-hop self, that sleepy keyboard sequence floats unassumingly in the background while Z. delivers a bone fide high-tempo rap that give way more feels than it takes.

5) Deep Sky Objects - 'It's Your Ghost'

Few do atmospheric indie-rock as well as Deep Sky Objects, the highly rhythmic 'It's Your Ghost' is spilling over with jangle-pop melodies and alternating rock blasts (see / hear 1:07) that recall peak-Interpol. It's quite subtle, but there's also a really nice 1950's rock n' roll undercurrent to the track which mostly comes via the drums. These guys know how to write catchy guitar-rock and then some.

6) Warriors of the Dystotheque - 'I Know You'll Never Die'

Indietronica quartet Warriors of the Dystotheque, who are split between New York, the U.K. and Ireland, release their latest single 'I Know You'll Never Die', mixing old school flavours of indie and contemporary electronica. Imagine The Verve, The Happy Mondays and the Beta Band doing a collab and you'll get the idea. It's slick, familiar, and new, and the repeated chorus line has an unexpected impact.

Danny G. & The Major 7ths - 'Say When (feat. Osmojam)

7) Danny G. (feat. Osmojam) - 'Say When'

Of all the genres that have been embraced by Irish artists over the last few years (pretty much every type), pure soul seems to be the one on the lower rung of the ladder in terms of take up, but I'm optimistic that will change! Thankfully we have Danny Groenland and The Major 7ths to provide us with a fix. The smoothest of vocal harmonies and a mouth-watering instrumental accompaniment by the best in the business will have me reaching for TLC vs. Charles Bradley tonight I reckon.

8) Zola Daze - 'K.'

Wexford multi-instrumentalist Andrew Martin, aka Zola Daze, is another one to definitely keep an eye on in 2019 alongside Awkward Z. The intro sounds like The War on Drugs 'Under The Pressure', but comparisons end there. Martin has a nostalgic vocal style that sounds like a blender-mixed Bryan Ferry & John Lennon. A highly engaging, escapist and brimming with warmth single from Zola Daze.

9) Orla Gartland - 'Between My Teeth'

With over 4.5 million Spotify streams, it might come as a surprise that Irish music fans haven't heard of Dublin folk-pop artist Orla Gartland. Now relocated to London, Gartland released her latest single 'Between My Teeth' just yesterday. Residing in a very popular and competitive genre, Gartland shows just why she has been able to put her head above the parapet on her new single. The appeal is instant, her vocal fits perfectly, but is never over-cooked in terms of drama, there are nicely executed break-downs and overall the desire to bust a move and let yourself go are quite irresistible.

10) Alpha Chrome Yayo - 'Video Nasty'

Finishing with a high-end absolute banger, zinger and choon we have Belfast's Alpha Chrome Yayo (what a deadly name) and single 'Video Nasty'. Gratuitous to the point it should be only available on prescription, producer ACY floods his latest single with retro-synth porn, and 80's hair-guitar rock porn. It's the blue movie meets horror moment you've all been waiting for, John Carpenter's The Thing fitting both descriptions perfectly. Check out his EP Company Man here.