Saturday, 10 November 2018

Premiere: FIELDS - 'Get Worse' - Live in Hellfire Studio

FIELDS - Get Worse - Live at Hellfire Studio

Info: REMY is really delighted to share an exclusive first look at the live video from Dublin-based alternative rock quartet FIELDS performing their latest single 'Get Worse' during a time-out from recording at Hellfire Studio. It's a beautiful rendition of the single, serving up that solemn beauty we mentioned in a review of the track back in September upon its release. As an aside, a very poignant moment occurs towards the end around the 5:03 mark, with all four band members fully connected in harmonies, something wonderful to have captured on video, a snapshot of FIELDS totally immersed in their music and evidence of a strong bond as a group with musical fire in their collective bellies. 

You can catch FIELDS this coming Friday, 16th of November, on the main stage at Whelan's with support from Ivan Nicolas and Nimbu$, event info here