Friday 21 November 2014

Catmando, DROOL E.P.

Catmando, 'Recluse' (feat. Una Dunne)

Info: Catmando is the performance name of Derry native, Alexander Lindsay, who is getting ready to release his debut E.P., DROOL, with the first track, 'Recluse' available for free download (see below). The electronic artist lists some of his influences, which I personally find to be in very good taste, as Aphex Twin, Grimes, Mogwai and Beach House. The thing I liked most about the above track, well two things really, are the placing of guitar-playing to the forefront of the song, something you don't hear much on electronica lately, and it helps that it's a nice funky riff, the second thing is Una Dunne's vocals which add a welcome extra layer and could work well once again on a future album release down the road. 

Second track 'Neve' has a tinge of the Beach House's about it alright, but is also very chilled and spacey, you're drifting on your back to this one and I really liked the filtered vocal sample a lot. DROOL finishes up on 'Twinkle Toes' which has a very soundtrack feel to it in many ways, Twin Peaks or some little known 80's thriller gem. All in all a good release from Catmando, and it's encouraging to see such differentiation between songs on a 4-track recording, the spark is there, oh, and check out his great remix of Joanna Newsom's ''81'....

Catmando, 'Joanna Newsom '81 Remix'

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