Wednesday, 19 November 2014

You Bred Raptors? - Album Release, Grant

You Bred Raptors? 'Ice Nine'

Info: Is string-rock a genre? Maybe it is now, New York band You Bred Raptors? mix alternative rock, heavy rock and classical music to wonderful effect, in some parts like Mogwai and in others like Dvorak with some dark thudding bass to give you something very unique. Their track 'Hazmat' (below, that fucking bass!) portrays a group of musicians who are able to think outside of the box and have been exposed to many different musical styles and influences. 'Boomerang' is also a fine example of the intensity that YBR bring to the table, very much a pace-setting track with rapid bass lines and feverish cello playing, and a quaint undercurrent of an old style traditional type of music. 

Later on the album 'Yad Vashem' is a contemplative and touching string and drum based song that is presumably an ode to Jerusalem's Holocaust Museum. Towards the very end 'Yukon' gets down and dirty and You Bred Raptors' inner rock takes over, guitars driven with intent interspersed with xylophonic jingle-jangles. Grant is very different to anything you might hear this year, and the protagonists involved seem to have a keen sense of how to make different great, intuitively. 

You Bred Raptors?, 'Hazmat', NYC Underground

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