Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Migrant - Amerika (2012)

Artist: The Migrant
Album: Amerika
Key Tracks: The Hurricane, 2811 California Street (above), Take It!
My Rating: ****

After reading the below, very positive review in The Sunday Times, I decided to check out The Migrant's website,, where you can listen to a stream of all the tracks on the album. As recommended in the review I went straight to 2811 California Street which was, in my opinion, instantly enjoyable. Needless to say I bought the album online and got a free mp3 download version of it as well which will keep me going until the original arrives in the post. I would tend to disagree with the view in The Times that it's like a Thom Yorke, Bends-era, acoustic album, I wouldn't really have noticed if I hadn't been listening for it. At the moment it looks like singer Bjarke Bendtsen will only be touring in his native Denmark, hopefully an Irish date is on the cards in the coming months.  

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