Saturday, 4 August 2012

Stevie Wright (Artist Profile)

Artist: Stevie Wright

Bio: Born 20th of December, 1948, Leeds, U.K., Wright went on to be considered Australia's first ever international rock icon. Between 1964-1969 he was the front man for Sydney group, The Easybeats, the most successful Australian export of the 1960's. Their one and only international hit, "Friday On My Mind" went to #1 in the Australian charts and reached #6 in the U.K. in 1966 and hit the Top Ten in France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany in 1967. Following the break-up of The Easybeats, Stevie Wright embarked on his solo career, beginning with The Stevie Wright Band, before going under his own name. In 1974, his solo effort, Evie Parts 1,2 &  3 (performed live at the Sydney Opera House in the video above) reached #1 in Australia again, a meandering rock and soul opus lasting 12 minutes. The song "Black Eyed Bruiser", also above, featured recently on the soundtrack to Australian film Red Hill (2010), about a young police officer who leaves the city for a small sleepy town with his wife expecting their first child, and finds himself on his first day embroiled in a man's revenge attack on the local police force, worth a watch. 

Recommended Albums: Hard Road (1974) & Black Eyed Bruiser (1975).

Recommended Songs: Undoubtedly the two songs above, but also "My Kinda Music" & "Guitar Band" (tracks 4 & 5, Black Eyed Bruiser) and the title track off Hard Road.

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