Thursday, 9 August 2012

Top 20 Albums 2010-2012, Pt. 1

Below, via the medium of Youtube videos, I've set out the first 10 of my Top 20 albums since the beginning of 2010, in no particular order;

1) Artist: Beach House
    Album: Bloom
    Year: 2012
    From: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    Key Tracks: Myth, Wild, Wishes
    Current price on €12.98 (or a signed copy for €13.49)

2) Artist: Jack White
    Album: Blunderbuss
    Year: 2012
    From: Detroit, Michigan
    Key Tracks: Missing Pieces, Sixteen Saltines, Freedom At 21, I'm Shakin'
    Current price on €6.46

3) Artist: SBTRKT
    Album: SBTRKT
    Year: 2011
    From: London, U.K.
    Key Tracks: Hold On, Wildfire, Trials Of The Past, Pharaohs
    Current price on €9.48

4) Artist: The Black Keys
    Album: El Camino
    Year: 2011
    From: Akron, Ohio
    Key Tracks: Lonely Boy, Gold On The Ceiling, Dead and Gone, Little Black     
                     Submarines, Money Maker
    Current price on €10.49
    Footnote: The below video for Little Black Submarines really kicks off at     

5) Artist: Wolf People
    Album: Steeple
    Year: 2010 
    From: Bedford, North Yorkshire & London, U.K.
    Key Tracks: Silbury Sands, Tiny Circle, Painted Cross, Cromlech
    Current price on €9.48

6) Artist: The Radio Dept.
    Album: Clinging To A Scheme
    Year: 2010
    From: Malmo, Sweden
    Key Tracks: Domestic Scene, Heaven's On Fire, This Time Around, Never  
                     Follow Suit
    Current price on €11.07

7) Artist: Kanye West
    Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    Year: 2010
    From: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.
    Key Tracks: Power, Dark Fantasy, All Of The Lights, Runaway
    Current price on €6.92

8) Artist: King Fantastic
    Album: Finger Snaps And Gun Claps
    Year: 2010
    From: L.A., California, U.S.A.
    Key Tracks: Stop Fucking Playing, All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song),   
    Bonfire Sessions, Hollyrock Jam Session
    Current price on €9.49 (download only)

9) Artist: Cliff Martinez (& Various)
    Album: Drive OST
    Year: 2011
    Key Tracks: Nightcall, Under Your Spell, A Real Hero, Tick Of The Clock
    Current price on €10.49

10) Artist: Bon Iver
      Album: Bon Iver
      Year: 2011
      From: Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S.A.
      Key Tracks: Perth, Calgary, Beth/Rest, Holocene
      Current price on €10.49


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