Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Musique Française - Alf Moon, Automne

Alf Moon, 'Automne'

Info: I really, really want to get more French music sent to me, after my recent review of Normandy duo CHRISTINE, along comes another very interesting piece of Gallic electronica / experimental music from Parisian artist Alf Moon. The above track 'Automne' is also the name of the new E.P. he is working on, and it follows the first and equally good song, 'Hiver', below. Alf Moon gives his influences as DARKSIDE, Jamie XX, Trentemoller, Jon Hopkins and German act Moderat. 'Automne' is a breezy scene-setting tune and maybe it's just because it's a bit exotic to me but I really like the two small monologues toward the end of the track. In addition, 'Hiver' is a very enjoyable listen, and my favourite of the two, just about, little shades of Paul Kalkbrenner in there, it's very mellow and laid back, and leaves me very much looking forward to hearing the next two tracks from Monsieur Moon.

Alf Moon, 'Hiver'

'Alf Moon is a musical project of a young French producer, born and raised in Paris. I started a few years ago, trying to explore all the possibilities offered by electronic music. If music is becoming more and more visual, it's on the mental image that I wanted to work, trying to generate a sound in which everyone can get together and project themselves . The main source of inspiration is the idea of telling, through music, a story.'

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  1. Even their variations need to be deliberate in a free sense so that the music will continue smoothly while they improvise or change up their units.