Monday, 17 November 2014

Setline, These Thieving Streets

Setline, 'Speckled'

Info: Oh boy, this is so bloody good, Dubliner Setline's new E.P., These Thieving Streets has 5 solid solid tunes on it and at all too regular intervals listening to them I had hairs on the back of my neck. The intro, 'Getting Started' is a meandering and mellow track that puts you in a very calm tripped-out mood, just in time for you to be jolted by the above song, 'Speckled', which is just incredible. It's kind of like Tycho and Mogwai / Four Tet minus the mania, and the strings and harp in particular work so well with the electronic beats, at exactly 3:36 is when I had my first proper hair-raiser. Another zinger is 'Easter Parade' (below), punchy and great piano playing the track is like a shark frenzy, at the same time seeming almost effortless and delicately put together with it's orchestral undertones. 

'Are You Broken?' is definitely the most energy bursting track on These Thieving Streets, and has a bit of an early 90's house feel to it, before the E.P. comes to a close and let's you back down slowly with the piano-laden 'We're Not Happy Here'. I normally just post two tracks for a review and I really struggled to pick a second one out of the rest after 'Speckled', which for me is a good thing. This is an E.P. I can fully enjoy from start to finish and the fact that Setline is putting the finishing touches to a full-length album at the moment which will be out next year, is reason to be even more excited.

Setline, 'Easter Parade'

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