Sunday, 16 November 2014

Zen Anton, E.P. Release

Zen Anton, 'Resemblance'

Info: From Queens, New York city, Zen Anton is a jazz, blues and classically trained musician who released his debut self-titled E.P. in September this year. Remarkably the opening track on the E.P., 'Longing to Touch', was written when Anton was only 13-years-old, a sweet little love song in the style of Finley Quaye or Counting Crows. Third track 'Sea Monkeys' is a spritely yet ponderous number which, as it with the rest of the E.P., chugs along with the rhythmic persistency of Anton's acoustic guitar. 'Angel' shows a more soulful and bluesy side to his music, dropping in and out of sombre tones and bursts of guitar with pained vocals, like a weird (and wonderful!) duet between Nick Cave and James Brown. The final track on the E.P. is also Zen Anton's latest work, 'Resemblance' (above) has a more old style folky vibe to it, reflected in the gentle guitar plucking and strumming, as well as highlighting his lyrical ability and thoughtfulness. I was also listening to some of Anton's earlier music on his SoundCloud page, and I hope he doesn't mind me putting the wildly contrasting track (written when he was 14) 'No, I Was Too Young To Be On Drugs', below, do listen!

In his own words, Anton describes his music as follows;

'For me, music is everything; "everything" in the sense that even though I may have not grown up in a musical family, I grew up part of the generation that had access to cull from any genre of music at the click of a button; “everything” in the sense that the people who inspire me most to write lyrics are the likes of Samuel Beckett and Outkast rather than the usual Singer-Songwriter’s inspiration; “everything” in the sense that myself being an ethnic mutt, music has given me the opportunity to get in touch with my various heritages in a way I would have never been given otherwise.'

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Zen Anton, 'No, I Was Too Young To Be On Drugs'

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