Monday, 1 December 2014

Mo Chroí - Irish Heart Foundation Charity Album Release

Info: After a conversation with a family member a few months ago I learned that heart disease is Ireland's No.1 killer and yet the interaction between death rates and donations / funding are quite stark, with cancer charities for example, receiving 5 times the amount of public donations than heart disease charities (CSO - 2012) which I was quite surprised by. 

In a way I can understand that, because normally when someone dies from a heart-attack it's extremely sudden and there's no drawn out build-up and no time for family and friends to get their heads around their own emotions. We've all had someone close to us die from cancer and it's bloody horrible, coming to terms with the knowledge that you only have a finite amount of time with the person when there's a terminal diagnosis. Whereas with deaths from heart-attacks, in many cases, by the time you've heard what's happened it's too late, no chance to say goodbye, no time to reminisce. Maybe there's some correlation there between the huge gap in donations between the two, I don't know.

Anyway, the reason I'm mentioning all of this in the first place is because the founder of a new music project called Mo Chroí asked would I mention the work he's been doing to help the Irish Heart Foundation raise funds and I was glad to do something small to that end. What is it? From Marty himself - 'The past few months I have setup a charity project Mo Chroí where I got in touch with a bunch of artists and musicians to raise money for the Irish Heart Foundation by setting up an art book and compilation album respectively. Long story short the album launch is today and you can check it out here

Featuring over 100 musicians and 7.5hrs worth of music. The album showcases a world wide range of talent ranging from Acoustic, Down Tempo and Synthwave to Electronic, Experimental and Ambient. Guaranteed to have something for everyone.

As mentioned all funds raised from the sale of this album are donated to the Irish Heart Foundation '

You can buy a download of the album here

You can also keep up to date and find more info on Mo Chroí's Facebook page here

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