Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Kid Trench, The Bridge For Clearing Your Debts, New Track

Info: Back in September the mysterious Belfast man of few words and very short emails, Kid Trench, shared his track, 'I'll Be Waiting' with me and I was glad to hear from him again today regarding his next song (above), 'The Bridge For Clearing Your Debts'. Again the track mixes elements of electronica and a wide vocal range that rises and centres, which is smooth and more ballad-like than it's predecessor. It also has a unapologetic 80's lovelorn feel to the lyrics and heartfelt pleas of it's protagonist, another very listenable and decent effort from Kid Trench, keep them coming.

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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/kid-trench

Twitter: @KidTrench

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