Monday, 12 January 2015

CONCRETE SOUP Improv Music Afternoons at T-Block, Smithfield

Info: I'll be heading along to Concrete Soup this Saturday in Smithfield to check out a raft of acts including the organiser's band ¡NO! who will be performing with Dublin-based improviser Diarmaid MacDiarmada, so what's it all about?

About Concrete Soup

Concrete Soup has been bringing together international, national and local avant-garde musicians of all colours and stripes for nigh on a year now. On the 3rd Saturday afternoon of every month, hosted by avant-garde improvisers ¡NO!, Concrete Soup features a monthly guest and fuels itself on wailing walls of guitar, space jazz bass, brain bending keys, stair collapse drums, nuclear winter clarinet, high wire sax and generally mutant noise. Oh, and it’s often washed down with found image visuals. If you have a penchant for the styles of Can, Pere Ubu, Captain Beefheart, Sun Ra, 70s Miles, or early Sonic Youth, this will fix you nicely.  
About ¡NO!

¡NO! is Fergus Cullen (guitar, sax, clarinet, woodwinds), LRC (bass), Jamie Davis (drums), and Graham Montgomery (guitar, Roland Handsonic, effects, keys, percussion, noises). Specializing in free-form improvisational music, various members have collaborated with personalities from underground and not-so-underground acts such as Can, Theoretical Girls/Sonic Youth, and the Tom Tom Club. The band currently curates a monthly free-form music residency in Dublin City Centre (now at Block T) where they host and collaborate with local, national and international acts.

For further details check out the Bookface page:

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