Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Cry Monster Cry, 'Postcards' Single

Info: Here's a sneak peak at quite the enjoyable track from Dublin brothers, Jamie and Richie Martin, 'Postcards' is from the as yet untitled forthcoming album by Cry Monster Cry, and is a follow up to their The Fallen E.P.. The indie-folk track starts with a Fleet Foxes intro which sets off on an uplifting tempo that crosses into My Lastest Novel before a British Sea Power type brass finale. To get you in the mood have a listen to their full E.P. below, it's good stuff.

Additional Info:

‘Postcards’ is available to download today and is the first single to be taken from Cry Monster Cry’s forthcoming debut album. The track marks the return of Dublin brothers Richie and Jamie Martin, whose debut EP, The Fallen met with critical praise. Following up on this success proved to be a unique challenge for the band, who chose to take some time off from touring to concentrate on expanding their sound. The resulting effort shows a vibrant and dynamic musical range, with the raw folk sound that was established in their first release being built upon and brought to new ground.

 Cry Monster Cry, 'The Fallen EP'

‘Postcards’ has rich fraternal harmonies that soar over vigorous tribal drums. The rhythmic acoustic guitar that acts as the skeleton of the song is backed up by a driving mandolin, while electric guitar chords bloom and decay. The track builds to an explosive punch of energetic drums, joined by a thick bright brass section.

Produced by established collaborator Keith Lawless, the dynamic charge of the song writing and instrumentals are accented by the mixing efforts of Grammy Award winning Abbey Road veteran engineer Guy Massey (Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Manic Street Preachers).

The single features beautiful artwork from Colombian born designer Diana Beltran Herrera, who made the painstakingly crafted paper bird from scratch.

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