Monday, 2 February 2015

Pink Feathers feat. Ghost Beach, 'Like You Do' Remix

Pink Feathers ft. Ghost Beach, 'Like You Do' Remix

Info: A couple of weeks ago I featured Pink Feathers' track with SPEAK, 'The Feeling's Gone', and now here's something quite different. The above remix by New York duo Ghost Beach (who actually appeared on the blog here about a year and a half ago) sees singer Liz Anjos' vocals take a drop in pitch, combined with the beats and funky basslines it produces a very unusual mix of Daft Punk meets Madonna's 'Material Girl' with Prince's funk machine providing the backdrop. After a few listens it's hard not to be taken by this piece of electro-pop candy.

Ghost Beach's remix is a peek at Pink Feathers' upcoming remix package featuring additional reworks by St. Lucia, Holychild, and Eau Claire.

If you want to hear more Pink Feathers and Ghost Beach follow the links below.

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