Sunday, 1 February 2015

Alf Moon - 'Été'


Alf Moon, 'Été'

Info: Parisian electronic musician Alf Moon is gradually working his way through the seasons after releasing first 'Hiver' and then 'Automne' late last year. 'Été' continues the trend of a chillwave sound and almost cinematic atmosphere. One more season to go and Alf Moon will have all four down, I fully expect him to finish the quartet with panache!

In Alf's own words; 'I chose that name (Été) because I thought that song described this season, the tranquility that it gives off, that feeling of absolute peace. And at the end of the song, when the drums come in, to transcribe the last weeks of summer, before the coming of autumn.'

To check out the other tracks mentioned above, head along to his SoundCloud page here

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