Sunday, 1 February 2015

Summon The Octopi - Nonversations E.P.

Summon the Octopi, 'Apricots Apricate'

Info: Summon the Octopi is a one-man show from Berlin on the Sober Up label who has just released his debut E.P., Nonversations. Playing all of the instruments on the recording, he has produced a post-rock sound that mostly conjures up earlier work by Scottish masters Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and the ambience of Irish band God Is An Astronaut

From the Intro through to the final track, 'Lulling Waves, Sullen Gaze (All Is Space)', the title of which sums up the entire E.P., you're brought on a see-saw of meandering guitar riffs, light beats to rapidfire drumming and chugging, distorted guitars. Nonversations is almost entirely instrumental with the exception of 'Rehabosaurus Rex', an island of calm acoustics among the disorientating array of heavy basslines and aforementioned distortion. For a debut release this is a solid piece of work from Summon the Octopi, and I particularly enjoyed tracks 'Slobodan The Sloth' and the above 'Apricots Apricate' as well as the closing track I've mentioned already. The breakdown of tracks from calm to chaos and back again has always been a style I enjoy listening to on post-rock instrumental albums, and here is no different.

Summon the Octopi, 'Slobodan The Sloth'

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