Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Dijon Babes - Sit Tight Be Right

Info: The other evening Dublin trio The Dijon Babes peppered their new track and video, 'Sit Tight Be Right', like Blaine's 'Ole Painless' machine-gun in Predator, through our Twitter feeds. Not usually one to take up the invitation via Twitter I decided to have a listen anyway and I'm very glad I did. 'Sit Tight Be Right' ticks some personal boxes for me, the garage punk feel of the unrelenting drums and bass, the overtly psychedelic vocals and guitar-playing and exquisite lead guitar in the latter half of the track. The breakdown just before the 3 minute mark takes this chaotic LSD trip onto another level, in it's quieter moments it's like The Zombies or The Electric Prunes and there's a feel of newer acts such as The Temples as well, thumbs up.

For more info on The Dijon Babes hit up their Bookface Page:

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