Saturday, 14 February 2015

Vienna Ditto - Hammer And A Nail, Single

Vienna Ditto, 'Hammer & A Nail'

Info: Reading, U.K., act Vienna Ditto have been on the go since 2009, and in their own words they are, 'bonded by a love of dirty Chicago blues and dark psychedelia' that BBC Radio One's Huw Stephens described as Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack. Hard to disagree with that description, the swirling winds and intro to their new single, 'Hammer & A Nail' giving a distinctly western feel, and Tarantino's nods to Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns in Django Unchained justify it. 

There's obviously a baroque vibe via singer Hatty Taylor's vocals, which at times reminds me slightly of a mix between Dusty Springfield and Sneaker Pimps' Kelli Ali. Musically there are some nu-jazz inclinations, with brass arrangements mixing with modern electronic sounds and the hammond style keyboards looping us back to a strange blues / psych combination. What could be considered quite complex, comes across with ease and works well, the multiple styles combining to make 'Hammer & A Nail' an original sounding blend of old and new music genres, not to mention a charmingly uplifting song.

* I also really liked this other Vienna Ditto track, it's dirty (good dirty)

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