Monday, 23 March 2015

E.P. Review: Creature In The Woods

Creature In The Woods, E.P.

Info: Creature In The Woods hails from Brooklyn, New York on the Sweet Tiger Records label and has just released the above future bass / R n' B four-track self-titled E.P. and it's bloody gorgeous. Opener 'Beneath The Sun' feat. Elisa Coia is a great dance and rave tune that has all the hallmarks of an early 90's classic like Liquid's 'Sweet Harmony' with more contemporary vocals. 'Centuries' is a smooth rap number featuring rhymer LV that reminds me of something you might hear on Childish Gambino's last album, and then the Mount Kimbie and SBTRKT references make sense on the next two tracks. 

'In My Spaceship' again has vocals courtesy of Coia and it's clear this was a good choice, the song itself is intense and drives at you with it's mesmeric rhythm and rising beats, definitely one for the party people. Without comparing the two too closely, anyone who is a fan of Mount Kimbie will instantly be at home with the final track 'Slow', it's one of those songs you visualise yourself moving around in slow motion around a dimly lit room full of people, the happy feeling before a moment of euphoria, slick. Kudos to the man drawing everything together and behind the music, Creature In The Woods is a very enjoyable and groove-tastic E.P., tune x 4!

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