Saturday, 4 April 2015

Silverbacks: 'Old Age'

Silverbacks, 'Old Age'

Info: After releasing their second album, Hot Bath, earlier in the year, Dublin band Silverbacks have been back in the recording studio with new song 'Old Age' the first glance at their new material. The track is chaotic and disorientating in a good way, going from their traditional lo-fi indie, to grungy electric guitars and then settling with melodic guitar riffs and vocals, quite Talking Heads meets Bowie at those parts. Like a lot of the tracks on Hot Bath it also has that tinted lazy Californian feel to it, and there's something very appealing and cool about the vocals here as well, particularly in the final third of the song.

To hear some of the excellent Hot Bath album head along here, first track 'Fad 1995' is only delightful

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