Saturday, 4 April 2015

Single: Parallels - 'Age of Consent'

Parallels Age of Consent

Parallels, 'Age of Consent'

Info: Parallels are a Canadian electropop-trio whose music 'conjures classic pop sentiments of neon nights with songs that transport the past into a modern context, just as grey fades into color on Polaroid film.' There's no space to disagree with that description in my view, the second 'Age of Consent' started playing when I listened to it first I instantaneously knew I would enjoy it. The lead guitar riff that opens the track and keeps proceeding together throughout the song is addictive if nothing else. Singer Holly Dodson's honeyed vocals, combined with the keyboard and drum beat reminded me an awful lot of Goldfrapp's 'Number 1' from 2005's Supernature. There would be a motherboard malfunction at play if your music detector didn't enjoy 'Age of Consent'.

Parallels age of consent single

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