Monday, 6 April 2015

Lois - Bedroom Recordings

Lois Band Madrid Bedroom Recordings

Lois, Bedroom Recordings

Info: Madrid musician Lois Brea originally released the above two tracks 'Before You' and 'Behold (our grandeur)' back in January, but has recently signed to Viriginia, U.S. label Citrus City records who will be releasing them on cassette on the 30th of April, of course the digital download is already available via his Bandcamp page below.

All I can say is that I absolutely love both of these songs, the tone of the vocals is perfect, like a mix of old to new, Elvis meets Chris Isaak meets Nick Cave. The surf-rock guitar intro and high pitch vocals on 'Before You' really paint a picture of an old world crooner in front of his silver Shure microphone. 'Behold (our grandeur)' takes a slightly more sombre hue to the fore with its deep vocals, brooding acoustic strumming and plucking before a spine-tingling orchestral ping, both tracks ooze cool and I could listen to a lot more of this on an expanded recording should the time, hopefully, come.

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