Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Single: Silences - The Sea

Silences The Sea

Silences, 'The Sea'

Info: Silences are a five-piece from Armagh led by song-writer Conchúr White, they've previously released two E.P.'s, Sister Snow and Nevernames, both last year, and 'The Sea' is their latest single which has only been released today. Having had a listen to the two previous E.P.'s (check out 'Emma' on Nevernames, whoosh!) you can hear the bands self-professed influences of Villagers, Death Cab for Cutie and Band of Horses for sure. 

'The Sea' itself didn't immediately seem to register as overtly similar to any particular band or musician, but there were moments when I heard Parachutes and The Man Who. A bold comparison given both bands fairly nose-dived after their initial creative spark, but whatever you feel about Coldplay and Travis, their early albums were a welcome injection into what had become a stale and meaningless indie scene in the late-90's. I'm sure Silences do not want to be mentioned in the same breath as either band but it's most definitely a compliment.

This is the kind of single that has the ability to instantly draw many people's attention to the band and garner a curiosity into their earlier music. 'The Sea' is a beautiful track and after you've scratched the surface of the music and listened to the lyrics you realise there is a talented spring of song-writing starting to bubble over; 

"At the port you'll learn that the rags I wore were only worn To bring me here, it's you I want to wear. 
If only for my confidence in all the things that don't make sense I'll brave it all, I'll swim right through, the sea then you."

It's a cliché, sure it is, but big things....you know the rest. 

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