Monday, 27 April 2015

Single: The Danes - 'The Ultimate Tool'

The Danes The Ultimate Tool

The Danes. 'The Ultimate Tool'

Info: The Danes are a four piece from L.A. who have just released the first single, 'The Ultimate Tool', from their forthcoming E.P. which is due out this summer. I found the track instantly appealing on first listen, the power and personality of singer Dana Hobson's voice, the really cool low harmonies among the rest of the band members and the punchy lyrics. Musically the piano loops provide calm in the background of the song and I really enjoyed the slow-winding guitar riff at the beginning of the final third of the song. The Danes also strike a nice balance between not taking themselves too seriously but not shying away from calculated bluntness in their message. I'm quite looking forward to hearing the rest of the E.P., in the meantime you might also like their older track 'Weho' which I really enjoyed (below).

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The Danes, 'Weho'

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