Monday, 27 April 2015

Remix: Mail Order Messiahs - 'Genetic' (Eomac Remix)

Photo: Katie Farrell

Mail Order Messiahs, 'Genetic' (Eomac Remix)

Info: Here's a really nice remix by Eomac aka Dubliner Ian McDonnell of Mail Order Messiah's super track 'Genetic' from last years album Practical. Eomac's remix is bundled as a bonus track on the Bandcamp version which also comes with 2 other great bonus remixes; by Sunken Foal and a second remix by Eomac. The video for the remix, is also a remix of the Standish Lawder film Necrology (1971).

Mike himself is a big fan of Eomac's work and explains; 'Eomac is a very talented musician/producer/DJ/and bloody nice bloke from Dublin. His debut album Spectre (Killekill) was one of the best releases of 2014 and, unsurprisingly, his music has gained plaudits and support from the likes of Thom Yorke and Aphex Twin. I’ve been a great admirer of his work for a long time so I was delighted when, after only 4 days of captivity inside the boot of my Focus, he happily agreed to remix not one, but two tracks from Practical.'

To listen to more Mail Order Messiahs and indeed Eomac, follow the links here &

Eomac Genetic Remix Mail Order Messiahs

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