Sunday, 26 April 2015

Single: Amano - 'Skies'

Amano, 'Skies'

Info: From Killarney, Co. Kerry comes young singer song-writer Amano Miura, who has just released her debut single, 'Skies', this week. She started out in music by posting videos of herself singing on YouTube before finally deciding to write her own music and pick up the guitar, since then she has played many live shows around the country and opened for the likes of Mundy and SOAK and has already featured in Hot Press despite being only 19 years of age.

The video for 'Skies' was directed by film-maker Andrew Jordan and features dancers Eliza Belward and Tamsin Greene. It's a beautiful track and video, there are early signs of potentially great lyric writing, the opening lines of 'I've been mixing colours, mixing them blind, to recreate that contemplative sky...' and Amano certainly has a strong and harmonious voice. There are also some nice subtle touches in the video with the synchronicity of the dancers, such as when the camera angle joins one of the dancers thumbs with the others little finger at the end of the video. A close comparison might be Gemma Hayes, but no doubt Amano will fully strike out on her own before long, definitely one to watch, let's hope her studies in Trinity College don't distract her from her music.

Photo: CiarĂ¡n O'Brien

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