Sunday, 31 May 2015

Debut Album: Union Hall - Early Riser

Union Hall - Early Riser

Union Hall, 'Early Riser'

Info: Union Hall is the project name of Irish ambient artist Tom O'Connor who released his debut album on U.S. label Illuminated Paths last month. The album is split with Polish electronic composers Piotr Cisak and Pawel Oleksinski, with O'Connor's work running through the first 9 tracks. Early Riser is the definition of what you want and perhaps need at times when you're reaching for something to completely zone out to, it's sweet in terms of mood and envelops you with a sense of absolute calm. 

From the opening track 'Bridge', which is possibly the most lively with regard to pace, the set runs smoothly into itself slowly pulling you gently under by the end of the album. Second track 'Fuel Shortage' is the taking of the pill that will caress your brain, setting you up for magical waves on 'Inflatable Mattress' and the appropriately named 'Space To Sleep', using minimalist tones and notes O'Connor successfully creates the intended feeling of slipping into a dream-like relaxed sequence. One of my favourite tracks is 'It's 2:48', at this point you're barely aware of yourself and it struck me how appropriate this collection would be as the soundtrack to an independent film. Definitely feeling this album from Union Hall and will certainly come back to it.

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