Sunday, 31 May 2015

Single: Canigou - Touch of a Feather

Canigou - Touch of a Feather

Canigou, 'Touch of a Feather'

Info: Canigou are Stockholm duo Emma Lindström and Richard Lindström who have just released their new single 'Touch of a Feather' along with B-side 'This Has Already Happened'. The pair of songs are an extremely impressive release that I'm still trying to fully get my head around after a week. The two emphasise that there is a simplicity to their sound but I'm not so sure as there are many moments of intricacy and it's clear that there has been a lot of thought put into arranging both tracks.

'Touch of a Feather' feels incredibly rich, and possibly the fastest seven minutes of music you'll hear this year, it passes it what feels like no time. The mournful piano introduction leading to tribal drumming and percussion before we hear the first glimpses of Emma's enchanting vocals which sear throughout both songs. Just before the four-minute mark of the song the vocals become otherworldly with some nice replicated harmonies and a nice twangy guitar riff, the drum beat still keeping proceedings moving tightly, it feels like music that should be imitated by others and not the other way around.

Canigou, 'This Has Already Happened'

'This Has Already Happened' is a bit more stripped down but no less enjoyable, I have found it difficult to decide which track I prefer of the two as the quality is so good, and it's hard to imagine it being left off a future album release. It certainly hovers closer to other contemporary acts and at points recalls The XX and what you might get if you put Lykke Li, Bon Iver and Air in a blender together. I think Canigou have hit on a winner and I hope a future full length release will yield the same results.

Canigou Touch of a Feather

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