Monday, 1 June 2015

Compilation: Flesh & Bone Records - Digital Compilation

Weathered, 'Other Sounds'

Info: Flesh and Bone Records are a U.S. independent label run by Brian Morgante and operating out of St. Petersburg, Florida, they have released the third instalment of their digital series in conjunction with PBVQ Marketing via their Bandcamp page. The compilation consists of 40 artists on the label from around the globe and the entire set can be downloaded for free, or at a name your own price contribution. I had a glide through about 15 bands and the genres and sounds are mostly different from ambient to post-rock to hard-rock and all sorts of others. I was particularly taken with the beautiful sounds of Weathered (above) and the anarchic rock of Roanoke (below). Over on their new website the label have a revamped layout, including a brand new "media" section, which features music videos, acoustic versions, live sessions etc.

Roanoke, 'Vast Knowledge Of Things That Don't Matter'

It's a unique way to discover music we'd otherwise never be exposed to and most importantly the label, like a lot of other independent ones, are more focused on quality than larger labels meaning there's a strong chance you'll find something that you can enjoy quite a bit. The label go into more detail;

'DIY/DIT - ethic based record label, Flesh and Bone Records from St. Petersburg, Florida’s third instalment in their digital series has now been released via their Digital Series Bandcamp (linked below). This eclectic and wide-spanning digital series now features new and notable artists in the DIY/DIT music community, with digital downloads in .MP3, .AAC, or high quality .FLAC formats on a name your own price basis. With this instalment, 29 more bands have joined the well honored FaB team, including bands like Roanoke (IL), Dear Pines (CT), Not Half Bad (TX), Pallow (GA), Evolv (TN), and many many more artists spanning across not only the globe, but genres.'

Flesh and Bone’s Digital Series may be found at

They may also be found on their Facebook page (,
Twitter (, or their Instagram (@FleshAndBoneRecords).

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