Saturday, 2 May 2015

E.P.: Hawklion - 'Pressure'

Hawklion Pressure EP Dublin

Hawklion, 'Pressure'

Info: Dublin trio Hawklion have just released their second E.P. Pressure following last years debut Gold & Silver which received very positive views in The Irish Times, Hot Press and Nialler9. The title track, 'Pressure', (above) is a soothing piece of indietronica with earnest vocals, slow-burning echoing guitars and drum beats lead to a hopeful conclusion as the songs energy builds and the vocals soar. Second track 'Families' really digs deep into the band's strand of 80's sounds, and self-proclaimed influence of Duran Duran, with slightly subtle dark undertones reminiscent of the Birmingham groups debut album and tracks like 'Planet Earth' and 'Careless Memories'. 

The same can be said of what is one of my favourite songs on the E.P., the slick 'Soldier', which has lovely electronic nods to 80's cult maestro's The Units in parts and some lovely guitar riffage. While Pressure in it's entirety is a highly enjoyable E.P. the best is perhaps saved until last with the completely absorbing 'Africa', a track that a 'quote unquote' established act could easily release to much aplomb as a single. From the get go 'Africa' gets you in the groove, and the small but effective change in vocal tone adds greatly to the song, it's a great drift away and go with the flow musical time-out with the hypnotic beat and synths rippling along so nicely. The band are working on releasing their first full length album in the second-half of 2015 and based on this and their previous E.P. we have plenty to look forward to.

Hawklion, 'Africa'

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