Saturday, 2 May 2015

Single: Known To Collapse - 'Circulated Undercover Ground'

Known To Collpase, 'Circulated Undercover Ground'

Info: In addition to a great lo-fi indie track, Alabama band and San Francisco residents, Known To Collapse, have made a wonderful video for their new single 'Circulated Undercover Ground', I can relate to the storyline's central character in many ways that I'm not going to share! Frontman and song-writer Kevin Lehner's vocals repeatedly reminded me of José Gonzalez on the lower notes and the music had an undoubted mid-90's indie / grunge feel to it. The pointed guitar sequences and drums carry the song along nicely from start to finish and the breaks are nicely timed as well, and unusually I could hear some similarities musically to British shoegaze bands such as Ride. Enjoyable in the least and then there's that video again.

Know To Collapse are currently crowd-funding the recording of their next LP at IndieGoGo until the 22nd of May. The single itself is about searching for love and not finding it, only to have it come your way when you're not looking. The video takes this idea into modern times through the use of emojis as a visual communication tool.  The band has executed these ideas with visionary director Martin Yernazian and his team at Atorrante Films with the video anonymizing the main character behind an emoji mask representing his feelings through this journey, both in reality and fantasy. 

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