Monday, 4 May 2015

Single: Bells Atlas - 'Bling'

Bells Atlas, 'Bling'

Info: A couple of weeks ago I featured Oakland band Bells Atlas' excellent single, 'Future Bones', and they're back again with another great track, 'Bling'. Again featuring an array of vocal and musical textures that mesmerise you so pleasantly, 'Bling' celebrates the more experimental side of the band, moving through their afro-pop bread and butter sound to a mixed electro and rock sonic rush that threatens to overwhelm before it's sudden and soft landing. What's behind the track itself?; 'The lyrics touch on the idea that what we see is not the only reality. The possibility that the physical boundaries between us are more fluid than we might presume, and the thought that there are many invisible but somehow accessible layers of beautiful extra ordinary absurdity everywhere.' 

Personally I'm very excited to get to listen to the remainder of the Hyperlust E.P. release and enjoy more of bands surprises as the variety on display on both tracks is rich and engaging. 

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