Monday, 18 May 2015

E.P.: Heroes In Hiding - Decorated Absence

Photo: Courtesy of Tara Thomas Photography

Heroes In Hiding, 'Today, I Mean It'

Info: It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I reviewed Heroes In Hiding's gorgeous E.P. Hush, which contained a barnstorming title track and the still chillingly beautiful 'Star-Crossed'. The Dublin / Cavan four-piece consisting of Joe Carroll, Cian Donohoe, Oisín Jacob and Liam McCabe, thankfully have a new set of songs coming our way on the 5th of June in the form of their new E.P. Decorated Absence, and I'm glad to report things are only getting better.

The new recording kicks off with lead track 'Today, I Mean It' (above), a gentle opening with hushed vocals and nice intertwining of electric and acoustic guitar leads to heartfelt lyrics such as 'Even if I promise that I would never leave, my word is haunted by ghosts that you don't see' before pushing on to some thoroughly enjoyable harmonies concluding with an energetic and uplifting finale. 

The hazy yet fist-pumping 'Casanova' has distinct reference points to The Frames' For The Birds with lead singer Joe Carroll unwittingly sounding very close to our Outspan on the chorus of the song, it takes no more than two listens to fully appreciate and absorb the strength of the track as an immediate crowd favourite that fans of the band from the very beginning will be calling out for at future live shows. 

'Lay Down In The Fire' closes the E.P. and brims with confidence and the modest self-assuredness of a band who are starting to sound like they've already mastered most of the elements of their craft. Like 'Casanova' it's bursting with energy and a very well constructed rock song, the brief heavy bass could maybe hint at an untapped heavier sound down the line to compliment the bands softer leanings. 

Overall Decorated Absence is what you might hope for after previous E.P. Hush, as I alluded to earlier you get the feeling Heroes In Hiding's music has skipped a number of progressive steps and reached a degree of maturity very quickly. It's with no doubt and comfortable ease that I say that they are among the cream of Irish bands currently making music at this very point in time, and this will be reflected in other reviews of the E.P. over the coming weeks.

Heroes In Hiding Decorated Absence

Note: Thanks to photographer Tara Thomas for kindly giving the green light to reproduce the main photo above at short notice, you can view more of her great talents here

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