Sunday, 17 May 2015

Single: For Esmé - You

For Esme You Single

For Esmé, 'You'

Info: Toronto trio For Esmé have just released the new video for single, 'You', which will be on their forthcoming album which lands later on this year. 'You' is an electro-pop dance song that pumps out high energy beats from the very beginning, vocals from singer Martha Meredith are polished and appearance and performance in the video itself are reminiscent of early Madonna when the Queen of Pop was at her zenith. There are some really nice bass-line breakdowns and short guitar solos from Dave Thiel and Nathan Crook repsectively, as well as subtle vocalizing scattered throughout the track. It's hard not to get swept up in the anthemic nature of 'You' and it's euphoric high points, while some elements focus on sticking to simplistic but tried and tested methods, ultimately it's a solid track that will make you want to move your ass from seat to dancefloor, job done. 

For Esmé You

'Poised between nouveaux and nostalgia, reality and the sublime, our new work is about being present in the moment, and ultimately, immeasurably open to joy. The video amplifies the feeling of losing yourself to the beat, and letting go of your inhibitions. A dreamlike adventure through an old school at night, the excitement, secrecy and spontaneity.' 

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