Thursday, 14 May 2015

New Track: Dijon Babes - Baldys Bolero

The Dijon Babes Baldys Bolero
Photo: Dave Uzell

The Dijon Babes, 'Baldys Bolero'

Info: Play it loud, and if you can, blow your speakers in style, the new number from Dublin's The Dijon Babes, 'Baldys Bolero', is a sonic boom up there with the best of them. The manic, mostly instrumental song fuses punk rock and alternative rock with such ease that it's impossible to not just enjoy every second of it. It's like a hurricane of Hendrix, nineties rock annihilation and Led Zeppelin lunacy spiralling out of control for three and a half minutes. It's not that surprising given the strength of previous song 'Sit Tight Be Right', but it also moves the band toward more confident and relaxed areas in their music and the results lead to an unadulterated predilection toward care-free rock improv. For more of The Dijon Babes tunes and to keep up to speed on other goings on head along to their SoundCloud and Facebook pages below.


  1. Photo courtesy of Dave Uzell by the by :P

    1. Updated! Thanks for the heads up.