Thursday, 14 May 2015

Single: Astronauts, etc. - No Justice

Astronauts, etc., 'No Justice'

Info: Californian band Astronauts, etc., under the guiding hand of Toro Y Moi's keyboardist Anthony Ferraro, have released a new single, 'No Justice' as a follow up to last months 'I Know'. Starting off with ponderous keys and hypnotic guitar loops, the song digs deeper into the previous single's soulful and mellow vibes. Vocally it sounds like a slightly lower key Smokey Robinson (or Brian Wilson even) performance with subtle modern blends and the grooves kind of wash over you gently like a lapping wave. The ballad itself is described by the band as; 'Sparsely arranged, the song explores what results when nascent love is forced to reckon with tragic circumstances.' That pain is reflected nicely in the chorus line 'There's no justice for the ones who are in love' and the melancholic but lush guitar progression adds to the message. I'd recommend checking out 'I Know' again (below) as well and enjoying the contrast between the two great tracks. Ferraro's on a streak it would seem.

Astronauts, etc., 'I Know'

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