Thursday, 14 May 2015

New Track: LUCKY - You Are The One

LUCKY You Are The One

LUCKY, 'You Are The One'

Info: I've been eager to share this track since I first heard it just under two weeks ago from London-based trio LUCKY, it brought me back a little in some ways which was nice but more importantly I really loved the music itself and particularly the vocals from singer Rhia, which are powerful and gospel like, bluesy and soulful, and so easy on the ear. Whilst the vocals are definitively different from Beth Gibbons I was almost immediately drawing comparisons musically to the introduction of Portishead's 'Give Me A Reason', which then veers on to it's dirty guitars and there the similarities end. In many ways 'You Are The One' should be the type of song that straddles very varied tastes in music from fans of trip-hop, pop and modern soul, a radio DJ who doesn't feel the urge to share it with listeners probably shouldn't be a radio DJ. This first release is only in the public domain proper 48 hours, and it's going to be very interesting to see where it leads.

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