Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Video: Cry Monster Cry - Atlas

Cry Monster Cry Atlas Video

Cry Monster Cry, 'Atlas'

Info: Dublin brothers James and Richie Martin released their debut album as Cry Monster Cry, Rhythm of the Dawn, in March this year, and now present us with a new video for the second track on the LP, 'Atlas'. It's a suitably contemplative yet musically buoyant video, reflecting the overall journey you take on the album in it's full, indeed, it's by the time you're half-way through 'Atlas' on the full recording that you realise you're listening to something far above the norm.

The video was directed by Lagoon Pictures and features a dark, atmospheric and transformative performance.

It depicts the themes of isolation, anxiety and self-doubt and the journey towards positive change and self-assurance that can come as a result of those experiences. Shadow and light transform throughout the video to portray a deep contrast between the heavy and the hopeful. Dark figures join the performance to create an ominous yet powerful atmosphere.

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