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Album: Nikola Tesla and Thee Coils - Buckwheat Tongue

Nikola Tesla and Thee Coils Buckwheat Tongue

Nikola Tesla and Thee Coils, Buckwheat Tongue

Info: Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils hail from Moscow, Russia but their sound is plucked straight out of the 60's Californian psych-rock scene, with modern twists! 

This album, Buckwheat Tongue, is a collection of 9 of their finest tracks and is a trippy adventure from the word go. Raw guitars blend sublimely with swirly organ stabs and spaced-out vocals. Thee Coils make the garage rock sound into something of their own and it's damn good. Far-out sounds to transport you away to another world. 

Buckwheat Tongue wastes no time getting down to it's psychedelic garage vibes with opening track 'Oak' sounding like you've been landed right in the middle of a track, a locomotive of 60's surf rock with a manic intensity and those familiar jangly guitar riffs related to the genre. The quirky and strange 'View From The Hill' slows proceedings down with it's slightly off-key guitar and submerged vocals. The flower power leanings of 'Suck On Robbers Blood' sounds like the theme tune to a 60's tv show about a family who prefer to drop acid tabs at the weekend over going camping. 

Nikola Tesla and Thee Coils

The very enjoyable 'Cream Soda Bay Surfing' and all of the sunny images the title conjures up is like a mix of Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Yardbirds, again there's a nice pace to this and the pointed drumming stays true to the genre. 'Poison Gland' takes a small departure putting the bands singer to the fore with a more baroque and soulful sound before the album finishes strongly on a really rocking, everything hanging out blast with 'Abandon Solar System Riding Flying Whales', along with 'Oak' and 'Cream Soda Bay Surfing' a distinct highlight for me on a pleasantly weird and loyal nod to good psych-rock from the Russian quartet.

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Live @ Ishodnost Festival, Moscow, 'Na Vstrechu' from the album 'Antique Alien Gods'

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