Sunday, 5 July 2015

Single: AMO - Twelve

AMO, 'Twelve'

Info: AMO are an unsigned band formed in 2014 in Tel­ Aviv, Israel whose sounds consist of extreme layers music. 'Twelve' is the first single from their forthcoming album 24 which releases on 

The electronic project was created by Yehiel H. Amo, a performer and sound designer (Memory In Plant, Dag is a DJ, Syndrome) in collaboration with Arik Moran. This project explores the contrast between long time developing sounds and dramatic rhythm changes. On stage it incorporates two performers, one is in charge of the rhythmic side and the other of the soundscape.

'Twelve' is like an initial violent assault on your frontal lobe, claustrophobic and intense and quite similar to something you might expect from The Chemical Brothers or Primal Scream on XTRMNTR. Once you've adjusted the track moves between what sounds like an anthemic superhero film score, en route to confront the enemy, and some hectic drumming and sound effects, the track is chaotic and powerful providing an inkling into Amo's vision for his new album, interesting stuff.

AMO Twelve Tel Aviv

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