Sunday, 13 September 2015

E.P.: That Snaake - Go Bricker! (At Swim One Stone)

That Snaake Go Bricker

That Snaake, 'Go Bricker!'

Info: Yum. More about that it in a little bit. That Snaake are a four-piece post-punk band from Dublin who have just released their debut three-track E.P. Go Bricker! Formed at the end of last year they began gigging just about everywhere and anywhere in the capital, bringing their own brand of dirty and sexually outrageous punk music to the masses. It is recommended to see these guys live, your ears will bleed and your heart will sing.

The E.P. pulls on varying degrees of 1970's New York and New Jersey punk bands New York Dolls, The Cramps and Misfits, like a Five Boroughs melting pot with modern sensibilities. Opener and title-track 'Go Bricker!' gets straight down to business, like a gun pressed against your forehead, bang. It's infectiously cool and the heavy bass, manic drumming and vocals create a slick and filthy mood. Second track 'Tea' provides respite for those of a delicate disposition, but importantly shows the band can drop down a notch as required and focus on creating a melodic, Californian-style sound which also features a Marquee Moon worthy guitar riff towards the end.

That Snaake, 'Tea'

Now that you've had your cup of tea, That Snaake get back to the bread and butter powerhouse punk on final track, 'So Solid Snaake', this pushes further to a more contemporary sound, a small brush with Nirvana vocally on the chorus and altogether quite explosive and unbridled in its delivery. On Go Bricker! That Snaake have mixed some forgotten punk basics with a fun and searing sound that works and is quite simply so easy to enjoy. See them live, punk asses.

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