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Single: Stephen Young and The Union - Shadowman

stephen young and the union shadowman

Stephen Young & The Union, 'Shadowman'

Info: Americana and country folk band Stephen Young & The Union just released their new single and video for 'Shadowman' yesterday, which will feature on their second album, Eagle Fort Rumble, due out on 27th November. It's been four years since their debut, the critically acclaimed Wilderness Machine, put them to the forefront of the genre in Ireland, at a time when very few bands were dabbling in any kind of folk sound. 

In the words of Stephen Young himself; "Shadowman wasn’t thought of a single at all most of the time we were working on the album. It was only when the last mixes of it came back that we started talking about it as a single. The song is about alcoholism and drug abuse essentially. I had two friends in mind specifically when I wrote it. It went through a lot of different changes throughout recording and had four different guitar players track guitars for it. One was our former guitarist, who left the band during the recording process. His parts were replaced for the finished version."

The video itself was shot by film-maker Thomas Moyles, and has a very cool comic effect. 'Shadowman' certainly tackles its main theme head on lyrically with Young singing the pre-chorus line 'Every night there's a little less light in everyone's eyes'. There's a nice Western feel to 'Shadowman' which you'd come to expect from at least a couple of tracks on a SYTU album, interesting musical elements to the track were the Doors sounding keys throughout, the faded blues style guitar playing and a catchy chorus line. It will certainly be interesting to take in the development between debut and sophomore album upon release from Stephen Young & The Union. Info on live shows and releases are below.

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