Sunday, 13 September 2015

E.P.: VIDEO BLUE - Simmer

VIDEO BLUE Simmer Jim O'Donoghue Martin


Info: In March of this year Dundalk native residing in London, Jim O'Donoghue Martin released his debut E.P. as VIDEO BLUEMore Pop Troubles, a very first venture into releasing electronic music with indie undercurrents, having until that point, been mainly involved with four-piece alternative indie band Bold Things. The debut E.P. was an adventurous foray by O'Donoghue Martin, entirely recorded in his bedroom, it displayed an ease of movement into new surroundings across its five tracks. Having found his feet and cut his chops on the debut, new release Simmer shows that he may be finally arriving in a place where he feels most at home. There's a marked difference between both E.P.'s with those early tentative steps turning into a self-assured drive towards newer experimental horizons. 

Personally, I found the more prominent introduction of guitar on opening track 'Post Halcyon' most welcome, adding more depth to the music, in addition to bringing his vocals to the fore moreso than on MPT, the combination of which creates a haunting atmosphere. The brief 'Grief Goods' is strangely sad and beautiful, clocking in at just under 2 minutes, the trembling guitar effects and vocals are most easy on the ear. Final track 'Navvy' is a most interesting and unique proposition, further up the electronic scale, VIDEO BLUE creates an almost reggae / ska vibe with the bass and keys whilst employing off-beat drum machines to add to the chilled out groove he creates, really digging this one a lot. 

Simmer EP Cover. Photo: Aidan Stewart

Ultimately you can sense a great drive behind VIDEO BLUE's music in the interceding months between recordings, it's not easy traversing into new territory, but rather than be overwhelmed at the possibilities, he seems to be invigorated by them and grabbing them with both hands.

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