Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Live: Venue change for Flowers of Hell 24th September, Bello Bar

Flowers of Hell

Info: ***Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue for tomorrow's Flowers of Hell gig has been changed to Bello Bar (The Lower Deck, Portobello). Same date, same time. All tickets are valid for the new venue.***

Flowers of Hell, Aria 51, E.P.

Trans-Atlantic experimental space rock orchestra The Flowers of Hell, whose rotating personnel includes members of Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Iggy Pop's band, Patti Smith Group, and Primal Scream, are bringing their elemental blend of classically tinged nu-gaze post-rock to Dublin on September 24th. Leader Greg Jarvis is a synesthete, (he literally sees sounds), and once had to persuade rebels in West Papua that he was not a spy by playing ukulele for his life. The Flowers' music has been championed by Lou Reed, Peter Kember and Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. They are the preferred band of NASA mission control, who synchronized their piece Sympathy For Vengeance with fresh Discovery shuttle footage. As part of their European tour The Flowers will appear at The Bello Bar supported by local para-psych improvisers ¡NO! and dark noise artist Katie O' Neill.

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