Saturday, 26 September 2015

Single: Ivy Nations - The Mile Road

Ivy Nations The Mile Road

Ivy Nations, 'The Mile Road'

Info: Indie rock four-piece from Dublin, Ivy Nations, have just released their debut single, 'The Mile Road', an infectious and addictive piece of disco pop meets traditional guitars and drums setup. 

There's a hell of a lot to like on Ivy Nations' first release and it really took me by surprise I must admit. I was immediately able to park any silly subconscious prejudices I had at the opening 5 seconds of the song, I did wonder would it be another variation of standard radio-friendly fare, but I was wrong, check yourself! 

First off the disco dance beat of the drums and bass is complete ear candy and more importantly does make you want to bust some moves. Another aspect of the sound we're being introduced to here is how international it sounds, especially vocally, it looks outside of the boundaries of Irish and UK acts who would be in a similar genre, 'The Mile Road' could be equally well-received in the States and southern hemisphere as it no doubt will be at home. It's much much more than a decent and competent first outing from Ivy Nations, and I haven't even mentioned that guitar hook at 2:09, very nice.

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