Monday, 21 September 2015

New Release: Fun With Ropes - We Don't Remember & Written In Water

Fun With Ropes We Don't Remember

Fun With Ropes, 'We Don't Remember'

Info: Dublin duo Fun With Ropes (Adam Donnelly and Julija Melander) have returned from the studio with two new tracks for our pleasure, bringing to a close a year-long period since the release of their excellent debut track, 'Out of Sight' which featured here last October. Once again the over-riding sound on 'We Don't Remember' in particular is that of 80's synthpop with Melander's vocals proving as powerful as ever, a cross between Jane Wiedlin and Madonna on this one. Donnelly provides the fast-paced drive with rapid drum-beats and Erasure-esque synth pounding amid a mystical overall mood.

'Written in Water' is quite different which is always a good thing, it sounds quite gothic and Celtic, there's a small hint of fellow Irish singer Siobhan Fahey during her Shakespear's Sister days. It's a more anthemic and restrained track musically in comparison to 'We Don't Remember', across both we can conclude that Fun With Ropes are at the head of the pack domestically in writing solid electro-pop that nods to favourite 1980's classics, and for the time being at least, they're generously sharing their labour for free on the SoundCloud page (below).

Fun With Ropes, 'Written In Water'

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