Monday, 21 September 2015

Video: Monster Monster - You're My Fix

Monster Monster You're My Fix

Monster Monster, 'You're My Fix'

Info: Dublin duo Monster Monster, Mick Stuart (guitar) and RĂ­ona Sally Hartman (vocals), have just released their latest video for their track 'You're My Fix'. The track closely follows one of the bands favoured themes of dark, unrequited love / hate, Sally Hartman's vocals range from sultry to soaring against a backdrop of a slick guitar riff and military style snare drumming. There's a real mid-90's feel to this one, somewhere along Mazzy Star lines with a little added drama making the overall package one of their best to date in my eyes. Monster Monster launch their debut E.P. in Whelan's of Wexford Street on the 23rd of October, more info here.

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